النتائج بعد رتق فتوق جدار البطن الامامى المختنق بشبكه ومن غير تركيب شبكه

Abstract Background: The use of synthetic mesh for ventral hernia repair under contaminated conditions is a controversial issue due to the considerable risk of surgical site infection (SSI). This study aimed to review the outcomes of repair of incarcerated and strangulated ventral hernias with or without synthetic mesh in compliance with established clinical guidelines regarding the incidence of SSI and hernia recurrence. Methods: The records of patients with complicated ventral hernias who were treated with or without synthetic mesh repair were reviewed. Variables collected included the characteristics of patients and of ventral hernias, type of repair, and incidence of SSI and recurrence. Results: One hundred twenty-two patients (56 males) of a mean age of 56 years were included. Fifty-two (42.6%) and 70 (57.4%) patients presented with incarcerated and strangulated ventral hernias, respectively. Sixty-six (54%) patients were treated with on-lay mesh repair, and 56 (46%) were managed with suture repair. Twenty-one patients required bowel resection. SSI was detected in eight (6.5%) patients. There was no significant difference between both groups regarding the incidence of SSI (7.5% for mesh group vs 5.3% for suture group). Recurrence occurred in seven patients. Median follow-up period was 24 months. The suture repair group had a significantly higher incidence of recurrence than the mesh group. Diabetes mellitus, previous recurrence, and intestinal resection were significant predictors for SSI. Conclusion: Following established guidelines, synthetic mesh repair of incarcerated and strangulated ventral hernias attained lower recurrence rate, comparable incidence of SSI, and higher rate of seroma formation than suture repair. Trial registration: Research Registry, researchregistry1891 Keywords: Mesh, synthetic, Ventral hernia, Incarcerated, Strangulated, Outcome, infection

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